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International Data Week 2023

International Data Week


University of Salzburg



The International Science Council’s Committee on Data (CODATA) and World Data System (WDS), and the Research Data Alliance (RDA) are delighted to announce International Data Week 2023: A Festival of Data, taking place on 23–26 October 2023, in Salzburg, Austria.

IDW 2023 will be hosted by the University of Salzburg through its interdisciplinary Data Science group and the Geoinformatics department, supported by the Governor of Salzburg and with assistance from the Austrian Academy of Sciences – GIScience and the European Umbrella Organization for Geographic Information.

International Data Week brings together a global community of data scientists and data stewards; researchers from all domains; data, interoperability and informatics experts from all fields; industry leaders, entrepreneurs and policymakers.

This event will be an inclusive and celebratory Festival of Data, with in-person and virtual components, highlighting the opportunities for the positive transformation of our world in the light of the COVID-19 pandemic and other global challenges.

IDW 2023 will combine the RDA Plenary Meeting, the biannual meeting of this international member organization working to develop and support global infrastructure facilitating data sharing and reuse, and SciDataCon 2023, the scientific conference addressing the frontiers of data in research organized by CODATA and WDS.

On Thursday 26 October 2023 at 9:30-11:00 EOSC Focus project, EOSC Association and ACONET Verein (Austrian EOSC Association Mandated Organisation) are going to organise a panel discussion on the topic of “Initiatives for data and service federation that can connect local and global practices”. The session aims at investigating how the concept of federation of data and services is understood, implemented and adopted in contexts and initiatives with a focus on cross-country, cross-language and cross-domain federation of data and services. It will discuss current and future challenges in enabling the federation of data and services and the roles of key intermediaries such as thematic research and data infrastructures. As there are several initiatives aimed at the development and alignment of data sharing at global level, the session will tackle what are the most urgent next steps for them, and which are the main obstacles that need to be addressed to ensure that regional and local policy makers recognise the relevance of the global initiatives. Read more about the session on the official event website.