AAP 2023 springs to life with contributions from 26 countries

AAP 2023

Building on the experience gained in establishing the 312 MEUR Additional Activities Plan (AAP) 2022, 84 EOSC Association member organisations from 26 countries have now made substantial contributions to the development of a draft AAP for 2023. The survey to establish the draft AAP 2023 was run from 12 September to 16 October, and a general overview of participation in the survey is presented below.

As figure 1 shows, multiple contributions have come from members in Italy (12), Spain (10), Sweden (8), Belgium and the Netherlands (both 6), Germany (5), the Czech Republic and Switzerland (both 4). In addition to Germany’s five individual contributions, a consolidated national contribution has been received on behalf of all German EOSC-A member organisations, just as was done for the previous AAP.

Figure 1. Number of submitting EOSC-A Members per country (N=84)

The largest number of responses by member type (n=45) came from research-performing organisations (see figure 2), followed by service-providing organisations (n=23) and research-funding organisations (n=10). These figures correspond very well to the representation of these categories in the Association’s member base.

Figure 2. Number of submitting EOSC-A Members per type (N=84)

In addition, the vast majority of participating organisations – almost three-quarters – were national-level (figure 3). Seven submitting EOSC-A Members had a “European” profile, whereas four respondents described themselves as “international”.

Figure 3. Number of submitting EOSC-A Members per profile (N=84)

Thanks to the valuable contributions to the survey, the EOSC Association has recently submitted the draft AAP 2023 to the European Commission. The Commission and EOSC-A will work together to propose a final draft version to be submitted to the Partnership Board. The Partnership Board should complete its review and approval of the AAP 2023 before the end of the year.

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