Join the Association

The EOSC Association brings together key stakeholders in the European research environment such as research funders, service providers, representatives of the research community, and intergovernmental organisations to agree on strategies for the advancement of Open Science and for optimising the conditions for research outcomes to benefit European society.

The Association is comprised of Members and Observers. All Members have a presence in an EU Member State (MS) or Associated Country (AC), or any other country associated with the EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation. Observers may be established outside this area.

Members and Observers must be a legal entity and confirm in writing that they embrace and endorse the vision of the Association and adhere to its values. They cannot be a department of national governments or ministries.

Members and Observers should fall into one or more of the following categories:

  • Research funding organisation
  • Research performing organisation
  • Service providing organisation
  • Other organisation

Members are liable to pay annual fees which are proposed as €10,000 for full members and €2,000 for observers.

How to join?

If you wish to join the EOSC Association, please complete the webform to provide the following information: 

  • Organisational details (member type, category, name, country, URL, profile)
  • A unique contact for follow up by the EOSC Association (name, email, phone)
  • Documents clarifying your organisation's legal status
  • A formal letter of your legal representative, indicating your organisation’s interest in EOSC, acknowledging that you fully subscribe to our Statutes and will embrace and endorse the vision of the Association, adhere to its values and respect its decisions.
  • Formal letter for mandated organisations (if applicable)

Please grant permission for data to be used and processed for EOSC Association purposes