Technology Officer


Teodor Ivănoaica has more than 15 years of working experience in Large International Collaborations. As a Senior Officer for Scientific Computing and Data Management of ELI ERIC or representing Romania in the CERN LHCb National Computing Board, Teodor has actively participated in the development of Scientific Computing and IT Service Management Systems and Policies.

With a BSc and MSc in Physics and applied IT Techniques in Scientific Research, acting as Trainer in the IT Industry for more than 15 years, or Sr Systems Engineer or Grid/HPC computing engineer, for several large IT companies and research organizations, he developed a broad understanding of Scientific Data Practices, intellectual property and cybersecurity. All these experiences allow him to promote and support users and stakeholders to adopt and implement sustainable and reliable data services and computing infrastructures for various users and user communities.

His philosophy is that each data set provides diverse, complex information, therefore, from a complex dataset, one can see only the information he’s trained to see. Exposing the same dataset to a different user or user community will unlock new dimensions of the same dataset.