Workshop Report ‘What Does EOSC Bring to Research Infrastructure (RI) Users?’

Q2 2022
  • Implementation challenges
    • User / Resource provider environments
  • Result description

    This report summarizes the key findings of the workshop: “What does EOSC bring to the RI users?“. It provides key recommendations for the Research Infrastructures (RIs) from the user perspective.

    Problem addressed

    The report aims to visualise how RIs and end users will fully benefit from the EOSC added value and further progress towards a fully operational EOSC for thematic communities and researchers. It also addresses the role of ESFRI and other thematic Research Infrastructures (RIs) as crucial for the development of EOSC.

    Who can use the result

    The workshop was targeted at ESFRI- and other Research Infrastructure (RI) users. The report includes recommendations for EOSC that all researchers and scientific communities will benefit from.


    The final report was published on 25 April 2022.

    How to use the result

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