White Paper 2022 on Cooperation of e-Infrastructures

Q1 2023
  • Implementation challenges
    • User / Resource provider environments
  • Result description

    This is a report that provides recommendations to strengthen communication between e-Infrastructure related organisations at European level, and their cooperation towards an enhanced and coordinated strategy setting. The White Paper 2022 discusses user environments and the need for an ecosystem of portals, ultimately accessible via a smart (AI-based) personalized dashboard.

    Problem addressed

    The current cooperation and coordination is ad-hoc and not properly framed among European e-Infrastructure initiatives and related organisations under the EOSC umbrella or other efforts.

    •       e-IRG sees a clear need to enhance the coordination and cooperation among major European e-Infrastructure-related initiatives, which are an indispensable part of EOSC.
    •       The recommendations will eventually benefit the end-users so that they can focus on their (cross-)disciplinary research, and not the infrastructures and tools.

    Who can use the result

    European e-Infrastructure initiatives and related organisations


    The White Paper was published January 30, 2023 and is accessible on Zenodo.

    How to use the result