Virtual Research Environment (VRE) for marine research

Q1 2023
  • Implementation challenges
    • User / Resource provider environments
  • Result description

    The VRE is a cloud-based platform where users can seamlessly exploit computing environments, algorithms and data sources to support marine research.

    Problem addressed

    Providing a common environment for all researchers in marine science, the VRE enables the collaborative setup of new algorithms and the  sharing, reuse, and reproducibility of marine data.

    Who can use the result

    Scientists and practitioners from the marine science community.


    The infrastructure is already set up and will remain available beyond the project at the project website Long-term sustainability actions are in discussion.

    How to use the result

    The result is available at The Blue-Cloud VRE is developed by the Italian National Research Council (CNR), built on the D4Science infrastructure and the gCube open source technology, and offered via the Blue-Cloud Gateway which makes the services and Virtual Laboratories available.

    Type of result