Open Science Assessment Framework (OSAF)

Q4 2025
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    The Open Science Assessment Framework (OSAF) is being developed to facilitate translation of Open Science and Responsible Research Assessment (RRA) principles into situated research evaluation protocols. The OSAF has three components, each of which is being developed as a service:

    (1) the SCOPE+I method (Inorms SCOPE Framework plus an assessment specific infrastructure) to guide  the design of assessment protocols towards Open Science-aware responsible research assessment.

    (2) a (digital) assessment portfolio to facilitate collecting and sharing of a diverse range of contributions to be included in the assessment event

    (3) an assessment registry for publishing the assessment protocols in support of transparency and reuse.

    The OSAF offers guidance and tailored solutions for Open-Science-aware Responsible Research Assessment, which are scalable and flexible for different communities and institutions who want to promote the adoption of Open Science principles, or monitor their adoption. This is being developed together with the broader suite of GraspOS resources, such as data, tools and and services. This content will be made available in the open and federated GraspOS infrastructure.

    Problem addressed: The Open Science Assessment Framework (OSAF) addresses the complexity and uncertainty associated with enacting Responsible Research Assessment (RRA) in situated contexts, such as national, epistemic, and career stage, with particular focus on Open Science contributions (OSAF-Method). Moreover, the OSAF addresses the challenge of collecting and sharing an expanded range of contributions to be considered in an assessment event (Assessment Portfolio). Finally,  OSAF supports the principle of increased transparency and reusability by publishing evaluation protocols, thereby also providing a searchable database of contextualised, Open Science-aware, examples of RRA outcomes (Assessment Registry).

    Who can use the result

    The framework will be open.


    Final results will be available by the end of the project late 2025.

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