cBioPortal as a Hub of Cancer Research

Q1 2023
  • Implementation challenges
    • User / Resource provider environments
  • Supporting grand societal challenges
    • Cancer mission
  • Problem addressed

    Standardization, harmonization, visualization and analysis of sensitive data (cancer research data). This work will contribute towards the creation of an interoperable cancer data research ecosystem where data from controlled access data sources, e.g. EGA, can connect with cBioPortal using at least one of the virtual research environments chosen by the project (Galaxy). It will also contribute towards increasing the  discoverability of data thanks to the use of individual beacon instances and the overall beacon network.

    Who can use the result

    A reference installation of cBioPortal, hosted by Health-RI, is made available for EOSC4Cancer use-cases (WP4). Instructions on how to set-up and host a cBioPortal instance is provided to everyone so potentially any researcher interested in working with cancer-related data can use it.


    Q1/2023 The result will be available for the project partners at least until the end of the project (28/Feb/2025).