BY-COVID Educational Toolkit

Q3 2023
  • Skills, training, rewards, recognition
    • Skills and training
  • Supporting grand societal challenges
    • Pandemic
  • Problem addressed

    To mount a successful public health response to a pandemic, citizen data is required to inform decision making (for example the number of positive diagnostic texts in a given postal area). In many cases citizens are not aware this data is being used, how their privacy is being protected, and the potential risks involved. This educational toolkit is aimed at the adults of tomorrow, to inspire fact-based discussions around data sharing in public health.

    Who can use the result

    Teachers and teaching organisations working in English, French, Spanish, Czech and Dutch. The suggested target age of students is 14-19+.


    The first citizen engagement material was released in Q3 2022, the full teaching toolkit (in five languages) in Q3 2023

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