Recherche Data Gouv

The Recherche Data Gouv is the national repository for open data sets.

Its aim is to provide support services for researchers.

  • A repository and distribution service (warehouse) dedicated to data for which none of the existing disciplinary warehouses would be a suitable solution. The multidisciplinary warehouse is based on the Dataverse open-source software solution.
  • A catalogue of French research data, listing data deposited in national or international thematic and disciplinary repositories;
  • Data workshops: set up as part of site policies, these provide researchers with a first level of expertise and services for the preparation and dissemination of data;
  • Thematic Reference Centres: supporting the Data Workshops, they design and implement thematic/disciplinary reference frameworks for each scientific field. Supported by national research bodies and/or national research infrastructures, they constitute the level of disciplinary expertise responsible for defining the best practices defined by the scientific community, such as embargo periods, data description standards, disciplinary/thematic repositories, etc., in line with the international ecosystem;
  • Resource centres attached to Recherche Data Gouv: these provide various services relating to the generic national data warehouse, the catalogue, e-learning, the allocation of unique identifiers for datasets (DOIs), data management plan tools, etc.