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OpenAIRE is a key EU e-Infrastructure whose mission is to establish, maintain and operate an  open and sustainable scholarly communication infrastructure and provide the necessary services, resources and  network for supporting a common European e-science environment. It supports  a set of services to facilitate the road to Open Science. OpenAIRE’s operations and services seek to: 

Align policies by engaging all stakeholders for an effective Open Science  implementation via our network  of 34 National Open Access Desks (NOADs) operating a European Helpdesk; 
Provide Open Science services by embedding Open Science into researcher workflows, via  interoperability services that connect research and enable all stakeholders to easily adopt Open Science; 
Link research by building global common standards; 
Monitor (open) science by building the European Research Information system that encompasses all research and enables ready -made reporting, monitoring and analysis; 
Train for Open Science by fostering the culture change for Open Science practice: We train researchers,  content providers, policy makers to acquire the skills and competencies to practice Open Science; 
Build global bridges by connecting Europe to the  global open research environment; 
Facilitate Open Innovation for scholarly communication, opening new horizons for research.  

OpenAIRE is a Non- Profit Partnership (NPP) incorporated under the provisions of Greek Law (articles 741  onwards of the Greek Civil Code) and Law No 4072/2012 (established in Sept 2018). The organization counts 16  regular and 3 associate members, to be increased to 36 regular and 4 associate by August 2020, when the second  enlargement phase ends.