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In the area of data intensive computing, the EGI Foundation federates hundreds of data centres worldwide to facilitate access to distributed research data and compute facilities. The EGI Foundation actively collaborates with research communities, engaging them in co-design efforts. The Foundation coordinates the research and innovation efforts of its members, spanning technical areas critical to data-intensive science, including large-scale data processing and analysis, distributed AI/ML, federated identity and access management and the application of digital twins for research. 

As a result, the EGI Federation delivers a scalable digital research infrastructure (e-infrastructure), empowering tens of thousands of researchers across diverse scientific disciplines. Through the EGI Federation, researchers gain access to advanced computing and data analytics capabilities, including large-scale data analysis, while benefiting from the collaborative efforts of hundreds of service providers from both public and private sectors, consolidating resources from Europe and beyond. Overall, the EGI Federation offers a range of cutting-edge services, encompassing distributed high throughput and cloud computing, efficient storage and data management capabilities, co-development of new solutions, expert support, and comprehensive training opportunities. This vibrant ecosystem propels collaboration, scientific progress and innovation.