PID Policy and Implementation

The PID Policy and Implementation Task Force (PID TF) is dedicated to identify the gaps in the PID ecosystem that has been mentioned in the current SRIA version.

It will especially aim to highlight mature and recognised PID infrastructures for emerging resource types, to standardise the PID graph, to integrate PIDs into FAIR data management, and to address PIDs and sensitive data (among other objectives). It will provide different kinds of recommendations on PIDs management and will set up criteria and certification of PIDs.


Bequet, Gaelle
ISSN International Centre
Cuciniello, Christian
European Commission
De Castro, Pablo
Demeranville, Tom
Dreyer, Britta
Fargier, Nathalie
Center for Direct Scientific Communication
Guba, Beate
TU Wien
Krebs, Florian
German Aerospace Center
Lai, Paolo
Mejias, Gabriela
DataCite e.V.
Mišutka, Jozef
Charles University
Parkoła, Tomasz
Růžička, Michal
Masaryk University
Schirrwagen, Jochen
Siemen, Stephan
European Commission
Sylwestrzak, Wojtek
University of Warsaw