René Buch

René Buch

René Buch

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Chief Technology Officer

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The EOSC Association is happy to announce that René Buch will join EOSC as CTO from May 2022. René Buch recently resigned from NORDUnet after 16 years of leadership in the Research and Education Network community.

It is important for René Buch to properly hand over the NORDUnet organisation to the Interim CEO, and René Buch will therefore focus on this transition until February 1st at which point René Buch will gradually be able to transition into the new role that he will then fully assume from May 2022.

With René Buch, the EOSC Association will benefit from his 16 years experience in serving the R&E Community including his relationship and knowledge of research infrastructures, interaction with funders and EC and Government bodies.

In addition to his R&E experience, René Buch has a long and diverse background within ICT, Computing, Networking and Telecommunications.