Research Careers and Curricula

The most important stakeholders for EOSC are the researchers. The Advisory Group Research Careers and Curricula is mainly focused on the researchers.

  • The Data stewardship, curricula and career paths Task Force will focus on the Data Stewards role and their core activities. To help researchers to make FAIR data it is necessary to have professional staff. To keep professional staff, we need to have a common curriculum for their skills and possibilities for career paths.
  • The Research careers, recognition and credit Task Force will address incentives and rewards for researchers to manage and share their data, code and other research outputs, activities, and processes. To make Open Science happen it is necessary that criteria of Open Science and FAIR principles are an integral part of academic career progression and grant assessment processes.
  • The Upskilling countries to engage in EOSC Task Force is mainly focused on developments in Open Science education being addressed at Member State level within research performing organizations. The task force will assist in aligning skills initiatives and supporting the onboarding of these into EOSC. Without education in Open Science skills, it would be harder for researchers to live up to the necessary transformation of their working life.