EOSC Association Members from 25 countries contribute to the establishment of the 2022 Additional Activities Plan (AAP)

APP 2022

Thanks to the excellent collaboration of its Members the EOSC Association could submit its draft Additional Activities Plan for 2022 to the EC on time for the next Partnership Board meeting. A few analytics on the participation are presented below.

The AAP 2022 survey, which was running online between 24 January and 11 February 2022, primarily aimed to collect information on envisaged in-kind and financial contributions to Additional Activities. The valuable and timely input has been given by the Members of the Association from 25 countries (see figure 1.), mainly from Italy (11), France, Spain (both 8), Belgium, Sweden (both 7), Germany and Netherlands (both 8). Less survey participants were distributed across Poland (5), Austria or Czech Republic (both 4). It is crucial to note that also one consolidated national contribution has been submitted on behalf of German EOSC-A member organisations.



Regarding the category of submitting organisations (see figure 2.), the largest number of responses – over 40 – came from Research Performing Organisations, followed by Service Providing Organisations (26), Research Funding Organisations (12) and Other (10). These numbers correspond very well to the representation of these categories in the EOSC Association.




Furthermore, the vast majority of responding organisations – almost three quarters – represented the public sector (72). Nine participating EOSC-A Members declared a private nature of their organisations, whereas 8 respondents indicated category ‘Other.




It is worthy to add that all survey submissions are now being validated, assessed, and consolidated into a report that will be presented to the European Commission. Once mutually agreed by the Commission and the Association, Additional Activities Plan 2022 will be approved during the next Partnership Board meeting. After its approval, the Plan will be distributed among all the EOSC Association’s Members.

In addition, in the next two weeks each submitting organisation will be provided with the PDF copy of its own questionnaire.

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