Multi-Annual Roadmap (MAR) Consultation

The MAR forms part of the Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda (SRIA), which defines the general framework for future research, development and innovation activities in relation to the EOSC.

The EOSC Association is currently updating the Multi-Annual Roadmap (MAR) to devise a set of priority actions and outcomes for the 2023/24 period.

The 2023/24 MAR builds on work conducted in the previous phase of development. It also draws from the European Commission’s forthcoming Work Programme to identify new areas of interest such as data quality, digital preservation and infrastructure for sharing sensitive data from public authorities.

These priorities are assigned to three levels for implementation:

  • European: denoting everything done at European level, be that projects financed through the Horizon Europe programme, activities of the EOSC Association, or work by research infrastructures and service organisations operating at a European level.
  • National: denoting national level activities in the Member States or Associated Countries that contribute to the development of EOSC as described in the SRIA.
  • Institutional: denoting activities within participating institutions (e.g. a university or other research-performing organisation) that are aligned with the country strategy and development of EOSC as described in the SRIA.

After a first phase of public consultation, in March 2022, aimed at gathering community feedback on the MAR's first draft, the final Multi-Annual Roadmap 2023 - 2024 document will be released in June 2022.