Metadata and Data Quality

The Metadata and Data Quality Advisory Group comprises two Task Forces, as outlined below. The activities to be pursued in these groups align with the overarching objective to implement FAIR within EOSC. In particular they address metadata and ontologies to ensure research objects can be discovered, understood and reused, as well as defining and implementing benchmarks to assess the level of FAIRness and data quality to ensure content can be relied on.

  • The FAIR metrics and Data Quality Task Force will implement the proposed FAIR metrics for EOSC by assessing their applicability across research communities and testing a range of tools to enable uptake. Recommendations will be made to update metrics and adopt tools as appropriate. In addition, the group will undertake a state of the art to understand measures of data quality, conducting several case studies to identify common features and dimensions to define an approach for EOSC.
  • The Semantic Interoperability Task Force will build on the EOSC Interoperability Framework to further develop and implement the semantic interoperability recommendations. This will include work on metadata standards, recommending how crosswalks should be enacted to allow alignment/matching of semantic artefacts. The group will organize workshops and hackathons to explore case studies and promote knowledge exchange.