The General Assembly is the supreme authority of the Association and is composed of one (1) Delegate per Member with voting rights and one (1) Representative per Observer without voting rights.

The General Assembly elects the President for a term of three (3) years, who may be re-elected for one more term. The first President may be elected for a shorter term. On the proposal of the President, the Board appoints the Vice-President and Treasurer. The President chairs the meetings of the General Assembly and the Board.

The General Assembly has all powers except those expressly reserved or delegated to the other bodies of the Association by the Code, these Statutes or by a decision passed by the General Assembly. The General Assembly has a.o. the power to decide upon:

  1. Any amendment to the Statutes;
  2. Adoption and amendment of Bylaws;
  3. Appointment and discharge of Directors of the Board;
  4. Appointment and discharge of the auditor;
  5. Approval of the annual budget and accounts;
  6. The dissolution of the Association as well as merger, demerger, transformation or any other restructuring;
  7. Admittance and termination of Members and Observers;
  8. The fees for Members and Observers.

The next General Assembly is taking place online on 10 December 2021, Members and Observers will be invited, please find the draft agenda at this link.

Candidacies for three Director positions are accepted from 27 October to 10 November 23:59 CET. More details at this link.

Previous General Assemblies minutes