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Upcoming 07 Feb
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Annual symposium & summit on Software Heritage

Paris, France

The second annual symposium and summit on Software Heritage will take place on February 7th 2023, at UNESCO headquarters in Paris, to take stock of the progress made, and touch upon the many facets of software, and software source code in particular, and its relevance to society as a whole, ranging from cultural heritage to science and research, from industry to public administration.

Preliminary programme:

Software Source Code as documentary heritage and an enabler for sustainable development

Public morning session: 9:30 - 13:00 (UNESCO)

 9:30 Welcome address (authorities)

 10:00 Software Source code as part of Memory of the World

 10:45 Perspectives on long term preservation

 11:15 Open Science Panel

 12:00 Perspectives from industry and public administration

 12:30 News from the Software Heritage Community

 13:00 Closing and group photo


Proceedings of last year's event are online at